credit: Shadia Fayne Wood

credit: Shadia Fayne Wood

The Fair Climate Project is an initiative of National Wildlife Federation’s Global Warming Solutions Program.  The goal of the Fair Climate Project is to empower under-served communities to advocate for fair and equitable solutions to the climate crisis.  We are advocating for climate policies that provide economic opportunities, protect our natural environment, and invest in clean energy solutions.

We are calling on decision makers to use the following principles when shaping climate and energy policy:

  1. Reduce global warming pollution as much and as quickly as possible.
  2. Safeguard people, communities, and natural resources from both the causes and impacts of global warming.
  3. Promote a just transition to a clean energy economy that creates opportunities for underserved communities to thrive and prosper.
  4. Address potential energy-related cost increases through consumer rebate programs and investments in efficiency and clean energy technology.
  5. Secure a fair and just international climate treaty.

By using a variety of outreach strategies and educational materials, we are engaging and empowering community leaders to advocate for climate policies that reduce global warming pollution and jump-start investments in a clean energy economy.

How are we engaging new voices?


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