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It’s up to you to hold your U.S. senators accountable to addressing global warming with policies that build a clean energy economy, safeguard our communities and natural resources from the worst impacts, and secure a fair and equitable international climate treaty.

Top Action Items

  • U.S. Climate Bill: Right now your senators are considering landmark legislation to cap global warming pollution, protect our communities and invest in our natural resources. Send your senators a message today, urging them to vote for fair and equitable solutions to climate change.

Get More Involved

LEARN: Find out how the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act will help to confront global warming, restore our natural world, repower our economy and safeguard our children’s future.

ACT: Get the tools you need to make your voice heard. NWF’s Climate Action Toolkit provides step-by-step guidance on how you can speak up for climate and clean energy solutions at home, in your community, and across the nation.

JOIN: Join NWF’s Fair Climate advocates in speaking up for fair and equitable solutions to climate change!


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