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Write a Letter to the Editor

Letters to the editor are quick to write, relatively easy to get printed in the paper and are in the most widely read section.

Your local newspapers are a great place to speak up for passing legislation that will cap global warming pollution and jump start our transition to a clean energy economy.

For inspiration, check out two recent letters published by leaders in the Fair Climate Network:

Durham Carter’s letter was recently published in The State. Sharon Ritter’s letter was also published in The State and can be read here.

How to Write a Letter to the Editor

Elected officials sit up and take notice when they see mention of themselves in the news. Writing a letter to the editor is a great way to advocate for the Senate passing strong climate and clean energy legislation!


  • Have fun. The more entertaining your letter to the editor is, the better.
  • Talk back. Good letters are often responses to articles in the paper, local events or recently published letters to the editor.
  • Make it short. Keep it under 200 words.
  • Keep it simple. Make one point as clearly as possible.
  • Check out examples. Read other published letters and the examples below for clues on how to write a letter to the editor.

The Message

Make sure to express these three main points about climate and clean energy legislation:

  • We need a cap on global warming pollution
  • We can create jobs and help repower our economy by investing in clean energy technology
  • We must safeguard the natural resources we all depend on

Check out the following resources that offer some key facts:

Consider focusing on the global warming and health connection to help tie the letter into other big issues:

  • Global warming is increasing the ozone smog that sends people with respiratory diseases to the hospital.
  • Global warming is creating worsened heat waves that cause death and illness of elderly and young children.
  • Global warming is leading to more severe storms and floods that can lead to injuries and outbreaks of infectious diseases.

Submit Your Letter to the Editor (LTE)

Find the email address for your paper by searching for the paper online and clicking the ”Contact” link on their website.

  • Place your LTE in the text of your email (do not send it as an attachment).
  • Include your full name, address and daytime phone number in the email. If the newspaper decides to publish your letter, they will call you to verify that you submitted the letter to the editor.
  • Send the LTE to several newspapers using separate emails.
  • If a paper does not publish your letter, you can continue submitting it.

Report Back

Example Letter:

Dear Editor,

Congress has the chance to pass a law this year that could create millions of new jobs and transform America from being a leader in global warming pollution to a world leader in the clean energy economy.

The scenario almost sounds too good to be true. But it is true.

The American Clean Energy and Security Act would cap the carbon pollution that contributes to global climate change and forge the development of a clean energy economy that creates millions of new jobs.

Investing in clean energy will strengthen our economy, protect our natural world and bolster our energy independence.

Right now, Senator __________  is in critical position to help this legislation advance. By supporting this legislation in the days ahead, he/she can help move Congress further towards the goal of passing the strong climate and energy legislation needed this year to safeguard our communities, our economy and our natural world from the worst impacts of global warming.


Jane Doe
Street Address
City and State
Daytime phone number


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