Write a Letter

Write a letter to your Senator

A single hand-written letter can be worth a hundred emails, and it is easier and faster than you may think!  Whether you write three sentences or three paragraphs, mailing a letter to your Senator in this modern high-tech world speaks volumes about your passion and your concern.

It’s easy! Check out this sample letter outline (pdf).

Writing the Letter

Address the letter

  • Look up your Senators’ addresses at Congress.org by entering your zip code in the box titled “My Elected Officials”
  • Include your return address at the top of the letter

Begin with “Dear Senator ______,” then follow these three points:

  • Tell your senator to support the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act.
  • Give one reason why YOU are personally concerned about global warming
    - For example, have you seen changes in nature due to global warming?
    - Are you concerned about your child or grandchild’s future?
    - Why do you want clean, renewable energy?
  • Ask your senator for a response and include your address.

Copy and mail!

  • Write your letter again, this time addressed to your second Senator.
  • Mail your letters!

Help friends and family write letters

  • Print the sample letter outline (pdf)
  • Look up your senators’ addresses
  • Provide paper, envelopes and stamps
  • Invite friends and family to write and mail¬†letters with you!

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