Midwest Fair Climate Summit, June 24 – 25, 2009

“From Katrina to Copenhagen: Promoting a Fair Climate Agenda”
Midwest Fair Climate Summit
Southfield, MI
June 24 – 25, 2009

Over 30 organizations from across the Midwest gathered for the Midwest Fair Climate Summit “From Katrina to Copenhagen: Promoting a Fair Climate Agenda” in Southfield, MI.

The event was organized by: The Heat and Warmth Fund, Environmental Law and Policy Center, Parsons and Associates, Michigan Environmental Council, Plains Justice, Institute for Community Resource Development, Oxfam America, Global Exchange, Sierra Club Environmental Justice Program, National Wildlife Federation, and the Women’s Environment and Development Organization.

Click here to see the meeting Fair Climate Summit Agenda_Midwest

The groups that came together will be working on a series of next steps.  If you’re interested in getting involved in promoting fair climate solutions in the Midwest, please contact us.

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