Gulf Coast Fair Climate Summit

Group Discussion at SummitOn April 17, over 70 individuals gathered in New Orleans, LA for the Gulf Coast Fair Climate Summit: “From Katrina to Copenhagen: Promoting a Fair Climate Agenda.”   The summit brought together people of diverse backgrounds to deepen our understanding of the intersections of climate change to the issues of race and gender justice, the lack of governmental accountability in times of disaster, coastal erosion, the survival of indigenous communities, environmental racism, public health, and the depletion of water and other natural resources. This conference also provided us the opportunity to explore how we can make our voices heard on federal and international climate policies that will affect our lives and the lives of future generations.

The Summit was organized by: Advocates for Environmental Human Rights, Women’s Environment & Development Organization, National Wildlife Federation, Global Green USA, Alliance for Affordable Energy, Gulf Restoration Network, Vietnamese American Young Leaders Association of New Orleans, Deep South Center for Environmental Justice.

View the conference agenda here: From Katrina to Copenhagen Fair Climate Summit Agenda

Find out what we’ve been doing in follow-up from the Summit


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