The Fair Climate Project is building a network of community leaders who are working to advocate for just and equitable solutions to climate change.  Our goal is to advance clean energy solutions that provide economic opportunities and empower local communities.

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Fair Climate Fly-In participants listen to a presentation from Jennifer Kefer, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Our Strategy

First, we are developing resources and tools for the broader public to learn more about equitable solutions to climate change.  Our online tools support leaders in their outreach to members, local media, and elected leaders; and allow Network partners to connect with one another. Learn more and join our network today!

Second, we are building a network of diverse leaders representing under-served communities from around the country. From tribal leaders, faith leaders, advocates for low income families and economic development, and business and community leaders, we are joining forces to advance climate solutions that benefit all Americans.

Third, we are creating opportunities for leaders to engage in the political process at the national level and to support one another in local and regional initiatives. We host events in Washington, DC, to bring advocates together for day-long trainings and meetings with decision makers; and we organize regional summits to explore ways leaders can work together on a shared climate agenda.

If you work with under-served communities and want to join together to advance climate solutions that are fair and equitable, please contact us. Connect with other national and regional leaders, collaborate on local initiatives, work on advancing national solutions, and help plan regional and national gatherings.

The level at which you want to engage with other Network members and with NWF to advance national solutions to climate change is up to you. There is no expectation, just a mutual understanding that the Network is there to benefit you in supporting your work, as much as it is to benefit us collectively as a show of force when advocating for national change.


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