Extreme Allergies and Global Warming

Unchecked global warming will worsen respiratory allergies for approximately 25 million Americans. As detailed in NWF’s [...]

Report: Everybody’s Movement: Environmental Justice and Climate Change

Angela Park from the Environmental Support Center just released a new report exploring how the Environmental Justice movement can contribute to climate organizing, policy and solutions.

Toolkit: ICLEI Sustainability Planning for Cities and Counties

ICLEI USA has released a major new resource, the Sustainability Planning Toolkit, to help their 600 U.S. local government members develop strong sustainability plans for their communities.

A Climate of Change: African Americans, Global Warming and a Just Climate Policy for the US.

A Climate of Change: African Americans, Global Warming, and , produced by the Environmental Justice and [...]

Report: More Extreme Heat Waves: Global Warming’s Wake Up Call

More extremely hot summer days are projected for every part of the country, and 30 large [...]

NWF Report: Global Warming and Water Shortage

Despite the relative rarity of droughts in the second half of the 20th century, historic records [...]

NWF Report: Global Warming and Hurricanes

While Florida and Gulf Coast residents prepare for hurricane season, the latest science connecting hurricanes and [...]

NWF Report: Global Warming and Flooding

Connecting the Dots: Midwest Flooding, Global Warming, Floodplain (Mis)Management, & National Legislation
Increased Flooding Risk Demands Better [...]

Climate Change, Tropical Deforestation and Agriculture

On March 19th, 2009, the National Wildlife Federation hosted a dinner in conjunction with the Sustainable [...]


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