Clean Energy: The Key to Economic Opportunity

At National Urban League Conference, National Wildlife Federation Highlights How Clean Energy Will Accelerate a New Generation of American Jobs

Chicago (July 31) – At the 2009 National Urban League Conference, the discussion is focusing on how investments in the emerging green economy represent a rare opportunity for all Americans to prosper.

“The new, clean energy economy can recharge America by unlocking a new generation of jobs,” said Marc Littlejohn, manager of Diversity Partnerships, National Wildlife Federation. “The emerging clean energy sector offers Americans in many economically hard-hit communities new employment prospects and a more secure economic future.”

Recent federal stimulus investments have provided distressed communities with a chance to improve their future prospects. The clean energy jobs plan that is moving in Congress will accelerate America’s economic recovery by expanding investments to hasten the clean energy jobs revolution.

“We recognize the economic benefits the clean energy jobs plan will bring to communities struggling to provide employment opportunities and attract new business,” said Jerome Ringo, past chairman of the National Wildlife Federation Board of Directors and president of the Apollo Alliance. “Now is the time to build a coalition of Americans who share common values and seek common solutions to our most pressing problems — to simultaneously nourish America’s appetite for clean energy and meet people’s needs for a safe, healthy environment.”

National Wildlife Federation recognizes the importance of engaging Americans from all walks of life around issues of sustainability and conservation. “We need to protect low-income Americans,” Littlejohn added, “who spend a much larger share of income on energy-related expenses.”

Passage of the American Clean Energy & Security Act in the U.S. House has provided a breakthrough to move legislation to the President’s desk this year. The White House and Congressional leaders are committed to making clean energy a priority. Now, we need to keep the clean energy bill moving in the Senate – and make it even stronger. Clean energy is the path to begin cutting the pollution that is already affecting our communities and natural world, reinvest in our economy, and help families and workers.

For more information about National Wildlife Federation’s work to promote policies that empower underserved communities to cope with climate change impacts and advocate for fair and equitable solutions, please visit

National Wildlife Federation is America’s conservation organization inspiring Americans to protect wildlife for our children’s future.

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